KPI Dashboard using SAS

Before you can dive into any of the “buzzword” data science projects (Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence etc.), you need to provide your customers with a base level of self-service reporting. Back in my telecom days, we did not have access to Tableau and had historically delivered dashboards via Excel/PowerPoint, which is not a great user experience.

Enter the SAS Dashboard aka “SASboard”:

<!DOCTYPE html>

Since we did have access to SAS licenses, I started exploring the ODS HTML capabilities built into SAS to develop an interactive dashboard. As with anything related to SAS graphics, I first turned to Dr. Robert Allison’s website, which is one of the best SAS resources around.


I was able to quickly build an automated dashboard that executive management loved, especially the stoplight icons which replaced the standard Excel conditional formatting. In addition to the tooltip functionality illustrated below, the ODS HTML destination also supports href attribute, which means you can add drill-down capabilities to the dashboard as well. This allows you to create robust HTML content that can be hosted on a website or an internal server to deliver a high-quality dashboard.

SAS Code

You can find the code for this dashboard in my GitHub repo.

Greg Shick
Analytics / Data Science / Statistics